Recent Employees of the Month

October 2017 Recipients


Malori has been a nurse with Dependable since 2017; although it has been a short time since Malori joined Dependable she has stood out from the crowd. Malori exemplifies the meaning of Dependable with her outgoing personality and driven persona. Malori makes sure that the new nurses she trains embodies Dependable’s high standard of care. She is always willing to go above and beyond to assist other nurses and her patients whenever the time arises. Malori is a vital employee without whom Dependable would just be a name; not a standard.


She has been with us for a little over a year now and she has been a wonderful and loyal nurse for our clients. She started off as a weekend PRN nurse and has worked herself to part time and working weekdays. She is always willing to pick up shifts whenever we need her to even if it’s last minute. Liz is such an amazing and hard-working individual and I am so honored to have her on my team!


He has been caring for his patient for over 3 years now. His patient has expressed numerous times how grateful he is to have Manuel assisting him. Manuel maintains his patient’s home spotless and always makes sure there are groceries in the refrigerator. The patient’s son has also expressed his gratitude and has stated that Manuel cares for his father as if he were his son. Manuel continuously demonstrates excellent qualities as a caregiver and represents Dependable very well!


Nancy is nominated for employee of the month because she has shown true leadership in the billing office and getting multiple projects completed on time. As a new employee comes in she takes the time to ensure that they are properly trained and had knowledge of how the billing office works. She is also a self-motivated person who is always looking for way to improve our processes and procedures into more effective ones. Recently she was named supervisor and has consistently gone above and beyond. Nancy always has a smile and is a friendly face she is always more than willing to help in any way possible and share her wealth of knowledge with everyone.

September 2017 Recipients


Noemi has been an amazing employee with Dependable Home Health since 2012. She is an irreplaceable nurse with a lifetime of experience. Noemi gives her patients the highest quality of care and is an abundant resource to those around her. She is proficient in all areas of her job, coupled with her willingness to take on a variety of patients and her perpetual hard work; Noemi shines in our company. She is a pillar in our nursing community and is an asset to Dependable Home Health.


Bobbie has been with Dependable for a couple years now and has always gone above and beyond. Whenever I need emergency coverage or I need 4-5-day coverage, she is always on the ball and is there for me. Bobbie works every holiday even double shifts; No matter what facility I sent her to, they love her and always request her back. She is a single mother that goes above and beyond for her children which hits home for me being from a single parent household and that shows in her work ethic here at Dependable. She is an amazing woman in the field and out of the field. I am honored to have her on my team.


She is one of our valuable caregivers. For more than eight years she was taking care of her mom, when her mom passed away she decided to stay with us at Dependable. We are so grateful that she wants to help other people the same way she took care of her mom. Myrna is always willing to take any shift always with positive attitude with a smile. Her clients always request her.


Nathan is a dedicated IT person. He is always willing to help with any IT issues. He was vital during the move to the new building. He made sure all the systems were up and running in no time. He has great sense of humor. He is always willing to help and teach someone new processes. No matter how many problems he has he is always easy to talk to and get a solution for all IT problems.

August 2017 Recipients


Danette has worked for Dependable Home Health for over a decade. She works very hard as a HHA, and drives all over town assisting patients with their ADL’s. Danette is loved by all the patients she works with. She is also appreciated by all of the clinicians she works with. She is a very committed employee and very hard working. Danette is most definitely an asset to Dependable Home Health.


Jennifer is a good and reliable aid, she’s always at work, and her team members really like her. Jennifer’s time sheets are always complete and on time and always steps up to the plate when needed. She is loved by all her patients and is the true meaning of what it means to be a Dependable caregiver. She is always eager and ready to go above and beyond to help her patients. Jennifer strives at being not only a caregiver but a friend to her patients.


Alicia Zepeda has been with us for several years. Her residence is in Tucson, when she was hire she wanted to work for our community because she knew the need of care for our clients. She is always willing to take any shift given out the best of care people loves her every time she comes to the office she is always asking for any updates on trainees.


Shelby always has a smile and positive attitude, even when things are a little rough. Shelby started out as the weekday on call person and within no time she was moved to facility scheduler/coordinator. She has been able to make the Facility department a real success! Her staff respects and loves her just as much as we do here in the office.

July 2017 Recipients


Debbie has been with Dependable Home Health since 2013. She is a very competent RN and is wonderful with her patients. Debbie’s strengths are patient care and patient advocacy. She always goes above and beyond for all the patients she cares for. Debbie is always willing to help when she is asked by intake, supervisors, or even fellow staff. Debbie is an asset to Dependable Home Health and is a wonderful representative for the company. Debbie’s loyalty is greatly appreciated.


She is a wonderful and excited Pediatric LPN. Jenn can pick up help in all aspects with numerous amounts of Pediatric cases to assist Elizabeth Miller, and able to keep up with her case load in Pediatrics. Jenn is a compassionate and caring LPN. She is always willing to step up and fill in where needed, not only with pediatric cases but with some of our more challenging clients. She is a true asset to Dependable Nurses, INC and the true meaning of what a nurse is and can be to their patients.


She is not only an outstanding Caregiver but also an outstanding CNA. She is always willing to help cover challenging schedules and always leaves a marvelous impression of Dependable. Maria’s personality and willingness to help assist with last minute coverages help the department in whole accomplish fewer gaps in services. Maria is an exemplary member of the Nogales Team!


Natalie has been a great teacher, employee and co-worker here at Dependable. Natalie always makes sure payroll is done on time, and fixes any issue that occurs along the way. She is always a good sport and willing to help with other issues and situations that arise in the office. She knows how to make people laugh and her spirit here is incredible. Thank you Natalie for being such a great co-worker!

June 2017 Recipients



Britni is an amazing RN and a wonderful teacher. She is always willing to help out when asked. She has been a remarkable resource for RN’s who need a little help with wound care education. Britni is fully competent in her job as a case manager and has marvellous documentation and nursing skills. She also helps the supervisors in the office by performing chart audits, supervisory visits and assists with projects. Britni has become full-time at Dependable Home Health (DHH) within the last year. She is completely dedicated to DHH and wants to grow with the company. We are lucky to have Britni on our team at Dependable Home Health.


Eunice has been with our company for over 10 years and has been outstanding. Eunice is currently 8 ½ months pregnant and continuously works 5-6 days a week. Every place she is sent, they absolutely love her. Eunice goes above and beyond to help with coverage without complaint. She is an absolute joy to work with and she is a great example of a hard-working CNA.


Gladys is an exceptional caregiver. She won the heart of a challenging patient who had different caregivers covering her schedules because of the difficulty of the case. Gladys never complains and is always carrying a smile on her face. Always willing to help cover last minute cancellations and adapting quickly and easily, she is the true meaning of an excellent team player! She is dependable, loyal, has excellent communication skills and displays genuine commitment.


Heidi has worked for Dependable Home Health (DHH) for over 8 years. She is truly an asset to DHH. She is a wealth of knowledge about insurance guideline. Heidi is the “go-to-girl”. For any questions that are related to the different insurances the agency accepts, Heidi often has the answer. She is often pulled in several directions during the day because she is so versatile. Heidi does anything she is asked with a sweet smile. She is approachable and willing to help. Heidi plays a huge role in the success of DHH. She is loved and adored by all of the DHH staff and clinicians.

May 2017 Recipients

Thelma caisip

Thelma Caisip, pt at dependable home health in tucson

Thelma has been a physical therapist with Dependable Home Health for many years. Her normal area in Tucson is the east side of town. Because we have a huge therapy need citywide, Thelma was asked if she would be willing to see patients outside her normal area. Thelma gladly accepted the challenge. Thelma rarely says “no” when asked to help the agency. She also supervises several PTAs, all of which have reported that Thelma is a great mentor. She has a strong work ethic and turns in all documentation on time. Thelma has a great sense of humor and a wonderful attitude, she genuinely loves her job. She strives every day to make sure of all patients under her care have positive outcomes and have all needs met.

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth miller, rn at dependable nurses inc. In tucson

Elizabeth is a very energetic Pediatric nurse that goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is always willing to help her fellow nurses with enhancing their skills as well as covering visits. She is totally committed and dedicated to her patients. Elizabeth is incredibly flexible, never says ‘no’, is very patient and never complains. She is able to effectively communicate with patients, families, case managers as well as doctors even when many times there are communication barriers. Not only does she see our pediatric patients she also is more than willing to pick up adult patients when we do not have the staff. Elizabeth is one in a million.


Lydia rodriguez, caregiver at dependable home health in nogales

Lydia is an exceptional caregiver who is always willing to cover challenging schedules. She is highly praised by her patients and their families. Lydia has always demonstrated to have a very positive personality, very empathic and patient. She deals very well with last minute changes, is always willing to cover last minute schedules and adapts quickly. Lydia has excellent communication skills and represents Dependable very well.

Angelica Escalante

Angelica Escalante, hr specialist at dependable home health in tucson

Angelica is a part of the hard working HR team. She is always willing and able to take time to answer any random HR questions for both staff in the building and in the field. Angelica is very knowledgeable of any HR processes and procedures, which is a great benefit especially with us expanding and growing bigger and bigger. Angelica is able to adapt to any situation. She is a great person who may be stressed but never shows it. We all love “Jelly”!

April 2017 Recipients


Vanessa dolce, rn at dependable home health in tucson

Vanessa has been with Dependable Home Health for 3 years. She is a well-educated RN and is currently working on her MSN/MBA. She manages her heavy school load along with her 40+ visits per week with a happy, loving personality. Vanessa is greatly loved by all of her patients and is a wonderful advocate for them all. She goes above and beyond for her patients as well as for the agency. Vanessa is one of our preceptors and is a wonderful teacher to nurses who are new to home health. She spends many hours ensuring that these new nurses understand OASIS guidelines and Medicare rules and regulations. Vanessa is an asset to Dependable Home Health and brings a little bit of sunshine to all who know her.


Linda johnson, lpn home care at dependable nurses inc. In tucson

Linda is an excellent LPN. All of her patients adore her. She is always willing to help out and step in when needed. She is thorough in making sure her patients have the best care. She is always great at communicating with Case Managing RNs of any issues with patients.

Miriam gil

Miriam gil, dcw at dependable home health in nogales

Miriam is always making the patients’ needs and care a priority, and she is an excellent and responsible employee. She gains respect from her patient and the family even with the obstacles and challenges she may face. She never gives up on her patients no matter how complicated the situation can be. Miriam is willing to cover shifts when needed and always follows company protocol. Miriam is an exemplary caregiver!


Adelle gericke acw payroll & authorization specialist at dependable nurses inc. In tucson

Adelle is a breath of fresh of air AT DNI. She is always happy and optimistic even when days are tough. She has knack for getting all authorizations in the system correctly and efficiently. She has outstanding attention to detail. She is always here with a smile. She never complains and is always willing to go above and beyond.

March 2017 Recipients

Christy Yamda

Christy Yamda, RN at Dependable Home Health In Tucson

Christy has been with Dependable Home Health for over two years. She is one of our preceptors. Christy is a kind, patient teacher, and has remarkable success with all the nurses she precepts. Christy is always willing to help clinical supervisors and intake nurses. Christy is wonderful to her patients and always makes sure her they have the best care. Christy has a loving smile and a gentle soul. She is a perfect example of the type of nurse any patient would love to have in their home.

Kris H., RN at Dependable Home Health In Tucson

Kris has been with Dependable since 2016. She came to us with previous home health experience. As a case manager, she has been a rock star in all aspects of her job! Kris goes above and beyond for her patients. She is kind, loving, and treats them like family. She has been known to “donate” food to patients who are in need. Kris is very resourceful and always finds a way for her patients to have what they need: even if it means cleaning and recycling DME from previous patients or thrift stores. Kris has a keen sense for recognizing additional needs for her patients such as MSW services for community resources. She works closely and efficiently with all other disciplines involved in her patients’ care. Kris is ALWAYS willing to do what she is asked, even if it means taking “just one more SOC” for the week. She has become one of our preceptors due to her extensive understanding of home health guidelines and thorough documentation.

Toni Arriola, Medical Records & DCW at Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Toni is an integral part of the Nogales team. She works in medical records and covers caregivers as needed. Toni does an excellent job in both roles. She has savvy business skills and possesses the compassionate, caring, devoting qualities of an excellent caregiver. We are very fortunate to have Toni as part of our team.

Irma Sihas, DCW At Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Irma does not hesitate to take on challenging assignments and schedules as a caregiver. Patients and families soon become endeared with Irma. We have been told on several occasions how Irma has made a difference in a patient’s life. Just recently, her patient was choking on food. His son-in-law couldn’t do the Heimlich maneuver, so Irma quickly responded with the first aid she knew and dislodged the blockage! Irma is a hero in more ways than one.

Pelina Charles, Facilities CNA At Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

Pelina has recently started working with us from the HPOG program and she has been OUTSTANDING. She has been pulling 50-60 hour weeks with no complaints, she still looks for more work, and is always asking me if I need any more help with coverage. Every facility I have sent her to loves and requests her every week; she is an amazing employee and I am so glad that she is part of our team. She is an example for all my CNA’s and gives Dependable a great name!

Mike Mirnanada, Receptionist at Dependable Home Health in Tucson

Mike has been with Dependable since February of 2015. He started as a part time file clerk for DME and covered the reception desk as needed. He stepped up to help up front by learning how to answer questions for customers and enter order information for medical equipment. When we had a need for a new front reception desk person Mike took on the role and has been doing an awesome job learning all the required duties. He asks great questions and always has a positive attitude. He is very much appreciated here at Dependable.

February 2017 Recipients

Belinda Suazo, RN at Dependable Home Health in Tucson

Belinda is a very hard worker. She is one of our 2 Spanish speaking RN’s and is ALWAYS willing to take on new Spanish speaking patients when asked. Belinda will go above and beyond for Dependable to make sure her patients are cared for. She does her job with a smile and grace. Belinda has wonderful documentation and is very knowledgeable on Home Health regulations and guidelines. Belinda is deserving of the” Employee of the Month” award in appreciation of all that she does for the intake team, her clinical supervisors, fellow nurses and her patients.

Henrietta Ybarra, DCW at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

Henrietta, ACW, well with a rather difficult patient. She goes above and beyond, gives his dog a bath, grocery shops, and just overall treats him like a family member. His place is always spotless since she has been taking care of him. He is very particular about who he lets come in and usually doesn’t like his caregivers much, but he really likes her and the job she does. For those that don’t know this patient, this is saying a lot. She is always pleasant and a very hard worker. I am sure she treats other patients this way as well but I just know her from this patient.

Manuelita Encinas, ACW at Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Manuelita is a very caring, loyal, responsible, hard, working caregiver. She goes out of her way to make sure the patient’s needs are met and the schedules do not have gaps. Manuelita is highly respected not only by the Nogales staff, but by the patients and families she cares for. The quality of her work is superb, and her communication with the team is exemplary.

Emily Conklin, Administrative and DME at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

Emily quickly built up the office morale, was available to help, to train, to listen and to streamline. She is a master at conflict resolution and we have great respect for her work ethic. Emily never complains and is always there for everybody. You can go to her about any work-related problem or issue you are having and she is always willing to help. She has such a drive to obtain more knowledge and educate herself on everything to improve her job functions. She is an outstanding employee and friend.

January 2017 Recipients

Christine Arslanian, RN at Dependable Home Health in Tucson

Chris is our angel at Dependable. Chris will never say “No” to intake when they beg for help with difficult cases or additional patients that need coverage. Chris goes above and beyond when it comes to patients. She will go after hours to see patients if necessary. She has always been willing to help or teach our new nurses. Chris is the true example of a Nurse.

Leticia Villa, CNA Facilities at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

I have chosen Leticia for January employee of the month because she goes above and beyond to make sure that she gets her work done and always on time to work. Every facility I send her to they end up loving her for her work ethic, personality and the way she treats her patients. She gets her stuff done without me having to ask her and she is always a team player.

Norma Altamirano, DCW at Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Norma has demonstrated excellent caregiving skills by continuously being reliable and dependable, trustworthy, flexible whenever changes in schedules are made, patient and understanding, caring, empathetic, which are comments also made by her patient’s family. Norma represents Dependable Home Health very well and although the field of caregiving can be stressful and challenging, in the 9 years in this field, she continues to provide exceptional care to her patient and is always willing to learn new techniques and skills.

Chris Bennett, Accountant for Admin Office & Dependable Medical Equipment in Tucson

Chris is a hard worker. I can walk in and ask him to do anything and he makes it happen. He deals with difficult vendors when cash flow is low and with employees on a constant basis when it comes to the challenges of payroll.