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Facility Temp Staffing

Are you a nurse or CNA that want’s extra money? Want flexible hours for your busy life? Temp staffing is the place for you! Dependable offers flexible hours, competitive pay, and opportunity for advancement!

“Temp” Staffing: When you work through an agency that is contracted with multiple facilities; the facilities send over weekly to monthly needs to the agency and the agency which in turn asks their employees to help cover the open shifts.

How agency and facility staffing works:

  • The facility staffer will call/text open shifts available weekly
  • The facility (contract) has a two hour cancelation/confirmation window to call the agency
  • If the two hour window is not met, the employee will obtain a two hour time and travel pay for that day.
  • Certain holidays and the holiday eaves are paid at time and one half
  • The employee is paid at an hourly rate and is determined by discipline and what we bill that facility.

Things to know:

  • The employee will not always work at the same facility
  • Block bookings can become available depending on the facilities needs and how the employee performs.
  • Employees can make their own schedules (Full-time or Part-time)
  • Employees are allowed to work over forty hours a week
  • Orientations are not available at all facilities
  • Facilities expect agency staff to know what they’re doing upon arrival and are expected to do what is asked of them with no push back.