Dependable Health Services Employee Experiences


…In charge of my own schedule

I have been an R.N. for 29 yrs and have worked in many different areas. When my husband and I returned to Tucson after living in Texas for about 4 years, I wanted to get back into the healthcare field .

However, was so burned out on working 12 hour shifts in a hospital; I just couldn’t see myself doing that again. I decided to give Home Health a try.

I started working for Dependable Home Health in January 2015. I absolutely Love it! I enjoy the patient and family interaction and really being able to sit and listen to what their needs are without interruption. Often times I see patients after discharge that are so overwhelmed with discharge paperwork, new medications, and multiple follow up appointments. They just don’t know where to start. The relief they feel, and the appreciation they show at the end of the visit is absolutely rewarding.

They know they will not be alone in their recovery. It is so rewarding to see the progress from initial start of care to discharge. Progress they didn’t believe they would make. You really get to know the patients and their families/caregivers in their own environment, which is generally more relaxed. I have the opportunity to see the dynamics and assess their needs. I believe I can truly advocate and provide excellent care for my patients. I love the flexibility of being in charge of my own schedule. If I have a patient that requires more of my time, I can provide that without feeling rushed. All of the staff at Dependable Health are wonderful! The supervisors are always available and willing to help out in any way. If there is ever any uncertainty about a situation, I know I can call on anyone of them and receive the feedback necessary to ensure the appropriate care to the patient is provided. I believe this is a very rewarding position and really can’t imagine working anywhere else. Wish I had done this sooner!

– Registered Nurse, Dependable Health Services


…I’m very proud to work for this company

I have stayed with Dependable the last four+ years because we deliver the best care in Arizona, I believe we treat each patient as if they were our own family member. My own nana has been a patient here and they helped her stay home rather than going back and forth to the hospital, I’m very thankful for their help. Being discharged from the hospital can be a scary/overwhelming situation and our RN’s do an incredible job at making that transition back home easier. There is no one better than Dependable in my opinion. Dependable has been extremely flexible with my own personal schedule, after working here a couple of years I was motivated to go to nursing school and since starting that they have been so helpful. Each semester has had its own particular needs with my schedule and Dependable has supported me the whole way, I’m very proud to work for this company!

– Case Manager, Dependable Health Services


…Dependable prefers to promote from their staff

I graduated from nursing school in 2000 and worked in the hospital and leu setting for 6 years. When an issue came up in my life that required a change in the days and hours I worked, I decided to give home health a try. In June of 2006, I became employed with Dependable Home Health as a case manager in Southwest Tucson. As a field nurse, I was able to make my own schedule, work without being micromanaged, and do what was necessary for the patients in my care. Dependable has always been flexible in working with me and the culture of this organization is “Family First.” Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to move from case management to clinical supervisor in the office. Dependable also prefers to promote from their staff instead of from the outside giving their employees a chance to “climb the ladder.” I have been very pleased with my employment the past decade with Dependable Health Services and unless something else happens in my life requiring a change, I can see myself employed here until retirement.

– RN, Dependable Health Services


…Makes me extremely happy

I moved to Arizona in 2003 to begin my career in Homecare. I needed more autonomy and the ability to connect with my patients on a more significant level. Acute care settings did not allow for this. While I have to keep to a schedule per se, Homecare allows me to individualize each home visit to my patient’s needs. I have time to listen and teach. I focus on working myself out of a job, so that each patient gets specifically what they need to manage their health after I am gone.

Of the 13 years I have been in Homecare, 9 have been with Dependable Home Health. They keep me busy, and that makes me extremely happy. We are using Point of Care software; charting is completed in the patient’s home. Documentation in health care has become a burden for clinicians, and limits the amount of time spent interacting with the patient. Point of Care removes the burden of paperwork.

– HHC Nurse, Dependable Health Services