Recent Employees of the Month

February 2017 Recipients

Belinda Suazo, RN at Dependable Home Health in Tucson

Belinda is a very hard worker. She is one of our 2 Spanish speaking RN’s and is ALWAYS willing to take on new Spanish speaking patients when asked. Belinda will go above and beyond for Dependable to make sure her patients are cared for. She does her job with a smile and grace. Belinda has wonderful documentation and is very knowledgeable on Home Health regulations and guidelines. Belinda is deserving of the” Employee of the Month” award in appreciation of all that she does for the intake team, her clinical supervisors, fellow nurses and her patients.

Henrietta Ybarra, DCW at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

Henrietta, ACW, well with a rather difficult patient. She goes above and beyond, gives his dog a bath, grocery shops, and just overall treats him like a family member. His place is always spotless since she has been taking care of him. He is very particular about who he lets come in and usually doesn’t like his caregivers much, but he really likes her and the job she does. For those that don’t know this patient, this is saying a lot. She is always pleasant and a very hard worker. I am sure she treats other patients this way as well but I just know her from this patient.

Manuelita Encinas, ACW at Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Manuelita is a very caring, loyal, responsible, hard, working caregiver. She goes out of her way to make sure the patient’s needs are met and the schedules do not have gaps. Manuelita is highly respected not only by the Nogales staff, but by the patients and families she cares for. The quality of her work is superb, and her communication with the team is exemplary.

Emily Conklin, Administrative and DME at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

Emily quickly built up the office morale, was available to help, to train, to listen and to streamline. She is a master at conflict resolution and we have great respect for her work ethic. Emily never complains and is always there for everybody. You can go to her about any work-related problem or issue you are having and she is always willing to help. She has such a drive to obtain more knowledge and educate herself on everything to improve her job functions. She is an outstanding employee and friend.

January 2017 Recipients

Christine Arslanian, RN at Dependable Home Health in Tucson

Chris is our angel at Dependable. Chris will never say “No” to intake when they beg for help with difficult cases or additional patients that need coverage. Chris goes above and beyond when it comes to patients. She will go after hours to see patients if necessary. She has always been willing to help or teach our new nurses. Chris is the true example of a Nurse.

Leticia Villa, CNA Facilities at Dependable Nurses Inc. in Tucson

I have chosen Leticia for January employee of the month because she goes above and beyond to make sure that she gets her work done and always on time to work. Every facility I send her to they end up loving her for her work ethic, personality and the way she treats her patients. She gets her stuff done without me having to ask her and she is always a team player.

Norma Altamirano, DCW at Dependable Home Health in Nogales

Norma has demonstrated excellent caregiving skills by continuously being reliable and dependable, trustworthy, flexible whenever changes in schedules are made, patient and understanding, caring, empathetic, which are comments also made by her patient’s family. Norma represents Dependable Home Health very well and although the field of caregiving can be stressful and challenging, in the 9 years in this field, she continues to provide exceptional care to her patient and is always willing to learn new techniques and skills.

Chris Bennett, Accountant for Admin Office & Dependable Medical Equipment in Tucson

Chris is a hard worker. I can walk in and ask him to do anything and he makes it happen. He deals with difficult vendors when cash flow is low and with employees on a constant basis when it comes to the challenges of payroll.