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Dependable Health Services Vehicle

Dependable Health Services began in Tucson, Arizona, in 1992, when CEO Joe Schifano started Dependable Nurses, Inc. Since that time, the Dependable Company has grown to include full home health-care services as well as medical equipment, customization and repair.

Dependable Health Services offers Arizonans a variety of health-care services in an array of settings. We offer temporary staffing for hospitals, clinics, assisted living centers, nursing homes and clinics. Dependable also offers a full spectrum of personal healthcare services and treatments in your home, from 24-hour a day nursing care to personal assistants. In addition, Dependable supplies the best available customized medical equipment sales, rental, repair and maintenance services in the Tucson metro area as well as in Nogales, Arizona.

Nurse attending to the needs of a patientDependable Health Services staffing companies include the state licensed Dependable Nurses, Inc. (DNI), in Tucson, serving all of Southern Arizona and the state licensed Dependable Nurses of Phoenix, Inc. (DNOP), serving the Maricopa and surrounding communities. Dependable Nurses work with both institutional and private-duty clients throughout Arizona. Both companies are state licensed and provide nursing, home health aides, attendant care workers and homemakers with locations in Tucson and the Greater Phoenix area. We’re experienced at providing private duty nursing services. We work alongside physicians and their families with skilled nursing and personal care services in a variety of patient care settings.

Dependable Home Health, Inc. (DHH), has Medicare Certified Home Health agencies in both Tucson and Nogales. We have been providing more than 20 years of skilled nursing, therapy and personal care services that offer an important source of comfort and safety. We believe in the healing power that in-home patient care can provide. Medicare Certified

Our home health professionals include RN’s, LPN’s, C N A’s as well as a full array of therapy services (such as Physical, Occupational and Speech). Additionally, we have homemakers, companions, and attendant care workers services available in Nogales. Our staff collaborates with your physician to meet your needs. Our case managers oversee your care while sharing information with your physician, family members and other caregivers. Our goal is to meet the individual’s needs through professional and reliable care.

Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc. (DME), offers high quality medical equipment for the home including wheelchairs, hospital beds, bathroom safety, and a full service respiratory program with oxygen, sleep therapy and inhalation therapy. We also offer full service complex rehab products such as customized wheelchairs, and in-home evaluations and installations. Patient Mobility is a specialty of ours! DME is a provider for Medicare, as well as most insurance companies. In situations where insurance coverage is not available, we accept all major credit cards.

Letter from Joe Schifano

When Arizonans need reliable and professional health care services they turn to Dependable Health Services. We’ve been a trusted partner with families, hospitals, and health care professionals for 17 years. From the beginning, we established and met our goal to offer the finest, highest quality, most compassionate care possible to our clients.

Quality care starts with quality employees. As CEO, I am committed to creating a superior work environment for our staff.

Dependable Health Services consistently attracts qualified, professional health-care workers because it is such a great place to work. Our pay rates are very competitive. We provide mentoring and regular in-service training. We also offer our employees the opportunity to work part-time and in environments they like best. Our employees tell us they have a better quality of life after joining our staff.

Joseph Schifano
Chief Executive Officer
Dependable Health Services

Letter from Larry Johnson

In 2002, Dependable Home Health and Dependable Medical Equipment became part of Dependable Health Services. From day one we have worked hard to be the best we could be and to provide the best care to our customers. We work hard each and every day to achieve this goal one person at a time.

Each person has his or her own special circumstances and needs. To the best of our ability we strive to do all we can to meet the needs of those we care for.

We are proud that Dependable Health Services is a good place to work. By also taking care of our employees, we believe that ultimately they take better care of our customers . . . And, that is a good thing!

We are here for you!

Larry Johnson
Dependable Medical Equipment, Inc.

Vice President
Dependable Home Health, Inc.

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